Treble Bob Minor at Tushingham

My first peal was trebling to treble bob minor at Tushingham when I was 19. Here are some extracts from my 1983 diary!…

“Hot day…at least the treble had a stay on as I’d been told it might not…Frank Morton went to oil the bearings…bearded man took the tenor, I don’t know his name…good rhythm, only one or two hiccups…into the sixth extent felt like not ringing any more…legs aching, hands feeling extremely blistery which made my striking bad…tired and dazed but no question of giving up…hands too sore to ring down at the end…was told I’d enjoy the my next peal better… the best bit had been knowing I was to have the chance of ringing a peal.”

I have gone on to enjoy many more peals, and never had anything like those blisters again!