Social Media & Publicity

Many ringers use social media. If that includes you, please help to spread information about FirstPeal2015 among other ringers, and let your non-ringing friends see what a great activity ringing is.

Twitter Users

Please use the hashtag: #FirstPeal2015

Facebook Users

  • Please use the FirstPeal2015 logo freely to decorate your facebook posts. More people will read your posts if they have a picture attached.
  • Why not start a discussion in your local association facebook group, to find out who else is ringing their first peal, or who would be willing to help someone arrange a peal?
  • Please use #FirstPeal2015. Facebook keeps an index of keywords so your post will automatically be added to the facebook index for the project.


The “tag” for this project is FirstPeal2015. Please include this tag as a keyword or use it (with no spaces) somewhere on your page, to ensure that search engines index your page.


FirstPeal2015 is an opportunity to create publicity for ringing. Our predecessors had their ringing performances reported in the newspapers, and because they rang for many public events people usually knew why they were ringing, but we have to work harder at it. The public loves the sound of our ringing but because we are largely hidden they are largely ignorant about how the sound is produced, and its cultural heritage.

We would like the public to see ringing for what it is – a skilled, rewarding activity – so it becomes one they hold in high regard. With this anniversary we can highlight ringing’s heritage – something the public loves. People are invariably impressed when they discover what ringing is really about. Let’s tell them using every means we can: articles in parish newsletters, posters on village notice boards and websites, coverage in local newspapers, TV & radio.

You may find What is a peal? helpful in explaining the significance of peal ringing.


If you have a website, you can include a link to it in any publicity. Make sure it has a page about your ringing, including special ringing as part of FirstPeal2015 – either for the tercentenary or first peals. Make sure it is easy for non-ringers to understand. You can use the FirstPeal2015 logo on your page (see below).

Press releases & articles

For major events you may want to issue a press release. Feel free to re-use any material from Central Council press releases. See also: advice on press releases.

As well as ‘news items’ about your ringing you might be able to get an editor interested in a longer feature or article. If you can do that, you will need to provide plenty of background information about your ringers, your bells and your ringing. You will also need to provide some information about more general aspects of ringing. To help you there is some information on a number of ringing related themes.

If you are not already experienced in working with local press and broadcasters, see the Central Council advice on working with the media.

For more general advice on publicity for tinging, see the Council’s PR advice.

National publicity

The Central Council will be working on national publicity, including press releases. All of this material, together with supporting information about ringing and about this anniversary year will be available on this website for you to download and use or adapt as you see fit for use in local local publicity.

What can you do?

Whatever your role in ringing, you can help the public to appreciate it better:

  • Tower captains – What could your band do more to publicise ringing during this special year? Tell the public about ringing and tell them about your performances before the event so they will know why you are ringing – not just afterwards.
  • Ringing societies – C officer, could you co-ordinate ringing publicity in your area? Get individual bands to contribute. Contact local press and broadcasters and exploit social media.
  • All of us – Let’s talk to our friends about ringing and what we are doing to make this year special.