Helen De-Matteis – Campton, Bedfordshire

I learnt to ring as an 8 year old back in the 1970’s, taught to handle a bell at Flitwick by Roland J Bunker. Another influential figure at that the time was Ronald J Sharp from Maulden, my father’s cousin.

I really looked forward to my first peal and when it got to the 9th of August 2015 I couldn’t wait to get started, I loved every minute and hope to ring many more. I had a fantastic band of ringers round me and felt confident. My son, Dean, was in the peal as well, ringing his second peal, which was great – his first peal was on May 2, 2015, on the 300th anniversary of the first ever peal.

Linda Garton and John Loveless have been my main support in the last couple of years in this, so a big, big thankyou to both of them and I’m hoping John arranges some more peals (so come on John!). I’d also like to thank Bob Churchill, Barry Eglesfield, Philippa Whittington, Lyndsey & Nick Brett and all the other people who have supported Dean and myself with 8 bell, 10 bell & 12 bell ringing.

Helen De-Matteis
Tower: Eversholt & Husborne Crawley