One goal of FirstPeal2015 is to help over 300 ringers to ring their first peal during the year, which is nearly twice the average of around 160 that has been achieved in recent years. This page will be updated throughout the year to show how well ringers are progressing towards this ambitious goal. The blue line on the graph below shows progress so far:


  • 28 November303 ringers had scored their first peal by 28 November, exceeding the target of 300 a month before the end of the year. Fifteen peals in November contained multiple firsts (more than any other month), with four each at Hever and Wylie, three at Bitterne Park and two at Cottenham, Chew Stoke, Harefield, Maiden Bradley, Bosley, Honiley, Nutfield, Thurstaston, Tuxford, Llangollen, Stokesley and Throwley. Forty two of this year’s first pealers have rung multiple peals – Lucy Warren (45), Cameron Waters (11), Nicholas Field (7), Ewan Grant-Richardson (6), Jordan Lawley (5), Laurence Bourton, Annabelle Frost & Matthew Thewsey (all 4); Harriet Armitage, Heidi Bradley, Isobel Fray, Simon Butterworth, Rosalind Martin & Daniel Page (all 3); Hayley Bradley, Sebastian Bradley, Daniel Calvert, Michael [Swanmore] Clay, Myles Louis Dakan, Dean De-Matteis, Clare George, Daniel Glyde, Victoria Halford, Simon Harper, Rebecca Harrison, Paul Hext, Jack Hunt, Victoria Kempton, Jenny Lewis, Billy Moore, Evie Newton, Caroline Prescott, Hans Rashbrook, Eva Redei, John Richards, Jenny Robertson, Anna Sherwood, Julie Tarling, James Town, Dee Urch, Thomas Winter & Gemma Wormleighton (all 2). This month’s were approx: 50% Doubles, 35% Minor, 4$ Triples, 11% Major. Two were in hand.
    We don’t yet know who was the 300th. Ten firsts in four different peals were on 28th November. When we know when each peal came round we will know which ringer was the 300th first.
  • 1 November248 ringers had scored their first peal by 1 November, with 40 in the last month – the highest so far – driving the curve just above the target line. A record nine peals contained multiple firsts, with three in the peal at Lismore and two each at Hendersonville, Old Brampton, Eye, Lydiard Tregoze, Sturminster Marshall, Stoke Damerel, Workington and Brinklow. 38 (one in six) of this year’s first pealers have now rung multiple peals – Lucy Warren (40), Cameron Waters (8), Nicholas Field (7), Ewan Grant-Richardson (6), Jordan Lawley (5), Laurence Bourton & Annabelle Frost (both 4); Harriet Armitage, Heidi Bradley, Simon Butterworth, Daniel Page & Matthew Thewsey (all 3), Hayley Bradley, Sebastian Bradley, Michael [Swanmore] Clay, Myles Louis Dakan, Dean De-Matteis, Isobel Fray, Daniel Glyde, Victoria Halford, Simon Harper, Rebecca Harrison, Paul Hext, Jack Hunt, Victoria Kempton, Jenny Lewis, Rosalind Martin, Billy Moore, Evie Newton, Caroline Prescott, Hans Rashbrook, Eva Redei, John Richards, Julie Tarling, James Town, Gemma Wormleighton, Dee Urch & Thomas Winter (all 2). This month’s firsts were approx: 10% Minimus, 15% Doubles, 5% Doubles/Minor, 30% Minor, 20% Triples and 20% Major. Having reached the target line we need to sustain progress to the end of the year to reach the target of 300. Please encourage anyone who has rung quarter peals and could potentially manage a peal.
  • 30 September207 ringers had scored their first peal by 30th September. Despite a surge around the end of August and a slight upturn at the end of September the curve still hasn’t quite reached the target line. Firsts were approx: 40% Doubles, 25% Minor, 20% Major, 10% Triples and 5% (one) Royal. There were 4 firsts at Westgate on Sea, 3 at Nettlebed and 2 each at Little Gaddesden and Thirkleby. So far this year first pealers represent 1 in 12 of all people who rang a peal, a significant increase on the average over the last five years of around 1 in 20. The target of 300 looks possible but will need a concerted effort through the autumn. If you know someone who has rung quarters and could potentially manage a peal, why not encourage them and help arrange a band and conductor?
  • 31 August180 ringers had scored their first peal by 31st August. The rate of scoring picked up in August but hasn’t closed the gap that opened up in July. Nearly two thirds were Major – the highest so far – a fifth were Minor, followed by Doubles & Triples. The peal at Carlisle included two firsts. Sebastian M Bradley followed his first in hand with a tower bell peal the same afternoon. Harriet JMA Armitage followed her first of Yorkshire Major with 10 spliced two days later and Plain Bob Royal in hand two days after that. Twenty two of this year’s first pealers have now rung multiple peals. Lucy A Warren is still well ahead with 25. Others who have not so far been mentioned are: Myles Louis Dakan, Evie Newton, Victoria L Kempton, Dean De-Matteis, (all with 2) and Ewan Grant-Richardson (with 3).
  • 1 August156 ringers had scored their first peal by 1st August. The rate of scoring first peals fell back in July and is now below the target line. Major was most common, closely followed by Doubles, Minor & Triples, with one of Surprise Maximus. The peals at Northallerton and Swanmore included two firsts. Fifteen of this year’s first pealers have now rung multiple peals. Lucy A Warren, still well ahead with 19. Others not so far mentioned are: Nicholas C Field with 3 and Cameron A Waters, Heidi A Bradley, Simon R Butterworth & Nicholas C Field, all with 2.
  • 27 June140 ringers had scored their first peal by 27th June. The good rate of scoring first peals in May held up well this month, coming close to the target line but not quite reaching it. Doubles again predominated, followed by Triples, Minor and Major in that order with no firsts of Caters or higher. All 5 firsts of Major were of Surprise. The peal at Canford Magna included Five firsts, those at Orleans and Canterbury three each and those at Fawley and Aylsford two each. 11 of this year’s first pealers have rung multiple peals, with Lucy A Warren well ahead (15). Others not so far mentioned, all with 2, are: Victoria L Halford, Rebecca J Harrison, Paul Hext, Jordan Lawley, Rosalind A Martin, Hans Rashbrook, John A C Richards & Thomas A Winter.
  • 31 May113 ringers had scored their peal by 31st May. The rate of scoring first peals has held up fairly well since the surge over the tercentenary weekend, being between 90% & 95% of target during May. Well over a third of the first were Doubles with a quarter Triples, followed by Minor, Major and Caters. Three firsts were of Surprise Triples, reflecting the method rung in 1715. The remainder were evenly split between Doubles, Minor and Major. Several peals included two firsts, those at: Bletchingdon, Great Wilbraham, Hethersett, Holybourne, Northallerton & Ovingham. Three of this year’s first pealers now have multiple totals: Lucy A Warren (9), Laurence P J Bourton (4) & Simon R Harper (2).
  • 4 May90 ringers had scored their peal by 4th May, the Monday after the tercentenary weekend. April saw fewer firsts than previous months but the centenary weekend saw a surge, with 18 firsts. Even so the average is still below what is needed to achieve the target of 300 in the year. Over a third of these firsts were of Plain Bob Triples, reflecting the method rung in 1715, with the rest split between Doubles, Minor and Major. There were multiple firsts in the peals at Brede and Ovingham (3) and Flitton, Frederick and Houston (2). One first pealer rang his second the following day. There were 70 performances to mark the tercentenary weekend – almost half of them Plain Bob Triple – 22 quarters, 2 date touches of 1715 and a 1764, 3 shorter performances and 42 peals.
  • 17 April62 ringers had scored their peal by 11 April (the week after Easter). Despite a surge on 29th (Palm Sunday) March had fewer than the first two months, and there were only two in the next two weeks, so the average is well short of what is needed to achieve the target of 300. A quarter of recent first were Doubles and over half were Minor, together with one Triples and one Caters (both Grandsire). Two of them had multiple firsts, at Coleshill Oxfordshire and Edgware.
  • 7 March49 ringers had scored their first peal by 7 March (end of week 10). There is now a broader spread from Doubles to Maximus (all but Cinques). Many multi-method peals on lower numbers, several Surprise Major and one Surprise Royal. Megan Corless rang Megan Delight Major. This period saw more peals with multiple firsts – five for the Southampton University peal, three in York and two at Christchurch. Two of January’s first pealers have already rung more.
  • 31 January19 ringers had scored their first peal by the end of January. Nearly half were Minor and one was spliced Surprise Maximus. Others were Doubles, Triples or Major. As expected, progress so far is close to a typical year.

(…data extracted from PealBase).

No. Date 2015 First Pealer Method Place
303 28-Nov-15 Patricia A Hoy Doubles (2m) Wylye
302 28-Nov-15 Nick Claypoole Doubles (2m) Wylye
301 28-Nov-15 Joanne Barter Doubles (2m) Wylye
300 28-Nov-15 Daniel Barter Doubles (2m) Wylye
299 28-Nov-15 Dianne Stewart Doubles (3m) Throwley
298 28-Nov-15 Rebecca L Denne Doubles (3m) Throwley
297 28-Nov-15 John G Hutchinson Cambridge Surprise Major Stokesley
296 28-Nov-15 A Paul Hutchinson Cambridge Surprise Major Stokesley
295 28-Nov-15 Simon Proffitt Plain Bob Minor Llangollen
294 28-Nov-15 Christopher D Parker Plain Bob Minor Llangollen
293 24-Nov-15 Andrea M Falk Plain Bob Minor Wolverton
292 24-Nov-15 Richard P Bower Doubles (7m) Sandon, Staffs
291 23-Nov-15 Janet E Ritterman Yorkshire Surprise Major Wolborough
290 22-Nov-15 Sara W Hardie Plain Bob Minor Tuxford
289 22-Nov-15 Andy W Hardie Plain Bob Minor Tuxford
288 22-Nov-15 Robin Tutchings Doubles (11m) Thurstaston
287 22-Nov-15 Alice A Pettit Doubles (11m) Thurstaston
286 22-Nov-15 Jonathan C Mills Plain Bob Minor Southampton, Bitterne Park
285 22-Nov-15 Clare M Merivale Plain Bob Minor Southampton, Bitterne Park
284 22-Nov-15 Peter Dillistone Plain Bob Minor Southampton, Bitterne Park
283 22-Nov-15 Joseph E T Waters Yorkshire Surprise Major Sheffield, Cathedral
282 21-Nov-15 Matthew W Yates Spliced Doubles (10m/74v) Tenbury Wells
281 21-Nov-15 Milica Reardon Plain Bob Minor Nutfield
280 21-Nov-15 Emma M Booth Plain Bob Minor Nutfield
279 21-Nov-15 Sarah E Thomas Plain Bob Minor Honiley
278 21-Nov-15 Cathy Parry Plain Bob Minor Honiley
277 21-Nov-15 Mary L Harwood Grandsire Doubles Bosley
276 21-Nov-15 Martha J Gilman Grandsire Doubles Bosley
275 20-Nov-15 Hannah M Bristow Plain Bob Major Edgbaston
274 18-Nov-15 Amy Madden Plain Bob Minor Guernsey, CI, San Baronto
273 17-Nov-15 Richard W B Coley Grandsire Triples Thorverton
272 17-Nov-15 Jonathan M Maguire Grandsire Doubles Maiden Bradley
271 17-Nov-15 Sally N Griggs Grandsire Doubles Maiden Bradley
270 15-Nov-15 Madeleine Johnson Doubles (10m/44v) Much Marcle
269 15-Nov-15 Lucy Chandhial Minor (4m) Harefield
268 15-Nov-15 Bob Allen Minor (4m) Harefield
267 14-Nov-15 Lexi Skeldon Doubles (6m/1v) Whitwell
266 14-Nov-15 Mary E Burr Doubles (11m) Shipley, Sussex
265 14-Nov-15 Duncan J Saunders Doubles (11m) Shellingford
264 14-Nov-15 Jane E Rosam Doubles (3m) Hever
263 14-Nov-15 Louise Nightingale Doubles (3m) Hever
262 14-Nov-15 Carl D Nightingale Doubles (3m) Hever
261 14-Nov-15 Kevin W N Agate Doubles (3m) Hever
260 14-Nov-15 Leland Paul Kusmer Plain Bob Major Foxborough, MA, USA, 22 Creighton Avenue
259 08-Nov-15 Paul J Wedlake Doubles (7m) Chew Stoke
258 08-Nov-15 Tish Jeffery Doubles (7m) Chew Stoke
257 08-Nov-15 Carole Clarke Surprise Minor (5m) Armitage Bridge
256 07-Nov-15 Ian D Kerwin Plain Bob Triples Leyton
255 07-Nov-15 Steven J Turner Plain Bob Minor Inworth
254 07-Nov-15 Judith Laine Plain Bob Minor Guernsey, CI, St Peter Port
253 07-Nov-15 Ben Morgan Doubles (2m) Cottenham
252 07-Nov-15 Matt Audsley Doubles (2m) Cottenham
251 07-Nov-15 Lucy M Croucher Plain Bob Doubles Campton
250 05-Nov-15 Matthew P Rolph Plain Bob Minor Rumburgh
249 01-Nov-15 Katie L Child Cambridge Surprise Major Brownsea Island
248 31-Oct-15 Chris Sawyer Plain Bob Minor Toronto, Canada
247 31-Oct-15 Claire J Howard Plain Bob Minor Shap
246 31-Oct-15 Susannah A Moore Minor (5m) Lydiard Tregoze
245 31-Oct-15 Emma Sanderson Plain Bob Minor Haughton, Staffs
244 31-Oct-15 Michael Pearce Minor (3m) Edwinstowe
243 31-Oct Biff Patterson Cambridge Surprise Major Edgmond
242 31-Oct Estella J Haynes Plain Bob Major Brinklow
241 31-Oct Simon A Allan Plain Bob Major Brinklow
240 30-Oct Donald Hughes Plain Bob Triples Tulloch, Ringing Centre
239 30-Oct Scott Adams Stedman Triples Okehampton
238 28-Oct Jonathan O Staves Plain Bob Triples Northallerton
237 25-Oct Zoe Martin Grandsire Triples Workington
236 25-Oct Jane A Douglas Grandsire Triples Workington
235 25-Oct Robyn D F Owen Plain Bob Triples Plymouth, Stoke Damerel
234 25-Oct Katy E E Owen Plain Bob Triples Plymouth, Stoke Damerel
233 24-Oct Michael F Stickley Doubles (4m) Sturminster Marshall
232 24-Oct Sian M Richardson Doubles (4m) Sturminster Marshall
231 24-Oct Steven A Millington Cambridge Surprise Major Oaks in Charnwood
230 21-Oct Julia Stewart Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus Lismore, NSW, Australia
229 21-Oct Jonathan Laurence Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus Lismore, NSW, Australia
228 21-Oct Peter Corlis Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus Lismore, NSW, Australia
227 18-Oct Struan Maclean Plain Bob Major Tulloch, Ringing Centre
226 17-Oct Frank Ewing Cambridge Surprise Minor Stirling
225 17-Oct Jenifer E Moore Doubles (7m/12v) Lydiard Tregoze
224 17-Oct Jeanette Ferris Doubles (7m/12v) Lydiard Tregoze
223 17-Oct Duncan Sykes Doubles (42v) Eye, Herefordshire
222 17-Oct Kieran S K Bland Doubles (42v) Eye, Herefordshire
221 17-Oct Jan Swan Armstrong Surprise Minor Brompton Regis
220 16-Oct Gavin J Neill Minor (5m) Durham, St Nicholas
219 10-Oct Iain L Milne Plain Minor (2m) Stirling
218 10-Oct Emily R Stock Minor (7m) Old Brampton
217 10-Oct Rosemary S Hall Minor (7m) Old Brampton
216 10-Oct Thomas Lagrone Doubles & Minor (8m) Hendersonville, NC, USA
215 10-Oct Susan Lagrone Doubles & Minor (8m) Hendersonville, NC, USA
214 10-Oct Mark W Newbery Plain Bob Minor Campton
213 10-Oct Claire May Cambridge Surprise Major Bishop’s Stortford
212 09-Oct Lin Horrocks Spliced Surprise Major (4m) Lyme Regis
211 08-Oct Lisa Clarke Minor (5m) Feniton
210 06-Oct Jacqueline M Hazell Yorkshire Surprise Major Stoke Poges
209 06-Oct Lillian R Halewood Plain Bob Minor Liverpool, St Francis
208 03-Oct Sharon Collins Plain Bob Minor Ryton, Shropshire
207 28-Sep Gareth T G Gill Plain Bob Major Exeter, St Mark
206 27-Sep Sandra K Shoyer Plain Bob Doubles Thirkleby
205 27-Sep Jill M Gillanders Plain Bob Doubles Thirkleby
204 26-Sep Sarah Whittaker Plain Bob Minor Nettlebed
203 26-Sep Lucy E F Bailey Plain Bob Minor Nettlebed
202 26-Sep Elinor S F Bailey Plain Bob Minor Nettlebed
201 26-Sep Julie E Doman Doubles (3m) Marston Bigot, St Leonard
200 22-Sep Emma Stanford Superlative Surprise Major Oxford, St Mary Magdalen
199 19-Sep Joshua P Wilson Plain Bob Minor Exhall
198 16-Sep Matthew P Sheasby Grandsire Triples London, St James Garlickhythe
197 15-Sep Eric Bannister Stedman Doubles Carbis Bay
196 13-Sep Katie Sherrat Plain Bob Royal Rotherham, All Saints
195 13-Sep Elliot James Minor (2m) Little Gaddesden
194 13-Sep James Coleman Minor (2m) Little Gaddesden
193 09-Sep Matthew A Kemsley Doubles Tostock
192 05-Sep Phoebe Brunt Doubles (2m/40v) Warden Hill
191 05-Sep Johanna Westwood Grandsire Triples Overseal
190 05-Sep Helen L Neal Plain Bob Doubles Elsham
189 05-Sep Asher C Kaboth Yorkshire Surprise Major Battersea
188 05-Sep Carole A Cooles Yorkshire Surprise Major Battersea
187 03-Sep Marlon J R Mann Cambridge Surprise Major Drighlington
186 02-Sep Sarat White Doubles (3m/4v) Westgate on Sea
185 02-Sep Felicity Lewis Doubles (3m/4v) Westgate on Sea
184 02-Sep Bruce Hodge Doubles (3m/4v) Westgate on Sea
183 02-Sep Susan Bones Doubles (3m/4v) Westgate on Sea
182 31-Aug Sadie Slack Plain Bob Major Carlisle, Cathedral
181 31-Aug Benjamin D East Plain Bob Major Carlisle, Cathedral
180 30-Aug James [Stirling] Fraser Minor (4m) Stirling
179 30-Aug Imogen Carrie Plain Bob Major Orton
178 30-Aug David Henry Plain Bob Triples New York, NY, USA
177 29-Aug Anna Sherwood Spliced Surprise Major (6m) Drayton, Berks
176 28-Aug Jenny G Robertson Doubles (7m) Swindon, Rodbourne Cheney
175 27-Aug Albert T B Williams Plain Bob Minor Honiley
174 25-Aug Aileen Wilson Plain Bob Major Alderney, CI, Wells House
173 24-Aug Hayley I Clarke Grandsire Doubles Holmer
172 22-Aug Charlotte Dollery Doubles (7m) Newchurch, IOW
171 21-Aug Annabelle F Frost Yorkshire Surprise Major Winford
170 21-Aug Ellen R A Smith Plain Bob Minor Bradford Peverell
169 21-Aug Lynne Newton Treble Bob Minor (2m) Brackenfield
168 16-Aug Daniel T Calvert Yorkshire Surprise Major Birstwith
167 16-Aug Pamela Reeve Grandsire Doubles Aston Clinton
166 15-Aug Rebecca Steed Bristol Surprise Major Wandsworth, West Hill
165 15-Aug Sebastian M Bradley (2) Kent Treble Bob Major Northallerton, 19 The Green
164 15-Aug Abby Timmel Plain Bob Major Frederick, MD, USA
163 13-Aug Lynette M Costello Surprise Minor (7m) Doddiscombsleigh
162 09-Aug Helen De-Matteis Yorkshire Surprise Major Campton
161 09-Aug Matthew W Thewsey Cambridge Surprise Major Altarnun
160 09-Aug Daniel J Page Plain Bob Minor Alderney, CI, Wells House
159 07-Aug Janet Bate Grandsire Triples Lundy Island
158 03-Aug Helen Legood Plain Bob Major Greasley
157 03-Aug Harriet J M A Armitage (3) Yorkshire Surprise Major Epsom, Epsom Common
156 01-Aug Gillian Harris Plain Bob Major Rotherhithe
155 26-Jul Billy E Moore Doubles (7m/v) Plymouth, St Budeaux
154 25-Jul Julie A Tarling Minor (2m) Nether Whitacre
153 25-Jul Roger Fellows Yorkshire Surprise Major Barrow in Furness
152 15-Jul Brian J Forster Grandsire Triples Keswick
151 12-Jul Dee Urch Plain Bob Major Marston Bigot, St Leonard
150 11-Jul Ewan Grant-Richardson (3) Yorkshire Surprise Maximus Portsmouth, Cathedral
149 11-Jul Leigh J Williams Plain Bob Major Bowdon
148 07-Jul Richard J Motson Doubles (6m) Swanmore
147 07-Jul Michael J [Swanmore] Clay Doubles (6m) Swanmore
146 05-Jul Philippa Shaw Doubles (11m) Tewkesbury Abbey
145 05-Jul Nicholas C Field (5) Surprise Minor (3m) Ston Easton
144 04-Jul Mark R Bradley Plain Bob Triples Northallerton
143 04-Jul Hayley Bradley Plain Bob Triples Northallerton
142 03-Jul Cameron A Waters (3) Cambridge Surprise Major Bristol, Cathedral
141 27-Jun Mark B Bennie Grandsire Triples Sydney, NSW, Australia, Randwick
140 27-Jun John E Haimes Doubles (3m/2v) Canterbury, St Dunstan
139 27-Jun Jamie J Carmichael Doubles (3m/2v) Canterbury, St Dunstan
138 27-Jun Andrew C Brett Doubles (3m/2v) Canterbury, St Dunstan
137 25-Jun Hannah L Watt Minor (7m) Dunholme
136 23-Jun Edward Benz Doubles (5m) Cranford
135 21-Jun Peter J Speed Plain Bob Minor Ringmer
134 20-Jun Paul Tyson Doubles (5m) Canford Magna
133 20-Jun Richard Picker Doubles (5m) Canford Magna
132 20-Jun Sally Jenkins Doubles (5m) Canford Magna
131 20-Jun Mike Jenkins Doubles (5m) Canford Magna
130 20-Jun Phil Charlston Doubles (5m) Canford Magna
129 20-Jun Tina D Bastow Grandsire Triples Aylesford
128 20-Jun Paul G Bastow Grandsire Triples Aylesford
127 19-Jun Clive B Moncrieff Plain Bob Minor Haynes
126 18-Jun Lynn Middleton Yorkshire Surprise Major Brightling
125 18-Jun Petula M C Hughes Plain Minor (4m) Armitage
124 15-Jun Thomas A Winter (2) Magna Carta Delight Major Eynsford
123 14-Jun Rose-Anne Kimber Cambridge Surprise Major Swindon, St Mark
122 13-Jun Siân J Moorhouse Barking Surprise Major Wicken, Nhants
121 13-Jun Jack Hunt Doubles (5m) Tredunnock
120 06-Jun Eva Redei Doubles & Minor (3m) London, St Vedast Foster Lane
119 06-Jun Alex D Brennan Plain Bob Triples Burley
118 05-Jun Michael J Martin Plain Bob Minor Fawley
117 05-Jun Graham H J Hounslow Plain Bob Minor Fawley
116 04-Jun Andrew Mitchell Plain Bob Triples Orleans, MA, USA
115 04-Jun Anthony Kanaga Plain Bob Triples Orleans, MA, USA
114 04-Jun Sarah Hale Plain Bob Triples Orleans, MA, USA
113 31-May Philip E Chandler Yorkshire Surprise Major Salford, Sacred Trinity
112 30-May James P Town Grandsire Caters Northallerton
111 30-May Heidi A Bradley (2) Grandsire Caters Northallerton
110 30-May Robert Gardner Plain Bob Triples Hethersett
109 30-May Joseph A Dillon Plain Bob Triples Hethersett
108 29-May Peter J Davidson Plain Bob Minor Wickham Skeith
107 26-May Susan Bacon Surprise Minor (3m) Barford
106 24-May Robert W Walton Doubles (4m) Bletchingdon
105 24-May Julie Minch Doubles (4m) Bletchingdon
104 23-May Stefanie Whittle Doubles (4m) Willersey
103 21-May Celia H Leeson Grandsire Doubles Shellingford
102 17-May Kevin Ward Plain Bob Triples Hadleigh
101 17-May Neil Beloe Doubles (6m) Alstonefield
100 16-May David Ramsbottom Plain Bob Major Southport, Emmanuel
99 16-May Rachel L Mahoney Plain Bob Triples Hurstpierpoint
98 16-May David J Salisbury Plain Minor (3m) Crosthwaite
97 16-May Andrew P Vincent Yorkshire Surprise Major Braunton
96 10-May Neil W Halford Plain Bob Doubles Ovingham
95 10-May Richard T Gilbert Plain Bob Doubles Ovingham
94 09-May Nicola J Collins Grandsire Triples Holybourne
93 09-May Martin A J Barnes Grandsire Triples Holybourne
92 09-May Peter N Sims Plain Bob Doubles Great Wilbraham
91 09-May Clare F George Plain Bob Doubles Great Wilbraham
90 04-May Nicola J Basford Plain Bob Triples Nantwich
89 03-May Myles Louis Dakan (2) Plain Bob Triples Foxborough, MA, USA, 22 Creighton Avenue
88 03-May Adam J Shard Plain Bob Triples Bardwell
87 02-May Sue Childs Plain Bob Major Wittersham
86 02-May Kathryn L Lloyd Plain Bob Triples Waverton
85 02-May Simon R Butterworth (2) Cambridge Surprise Major Padiham
84 02-May Ruth Eyles Plain Bob Triples Ixworth
83 02-May Ros C Skipper Plain Bob Major Hornchurch
82 02-May James F P Vockins Plain Bob Triples High Wycombe
81 02-May Peter A Blower Plain Bob Triples High Wycombe
80 02-May Alice E Ritchie Plain Bob Minor Gosforth
79 02-May Carleton MacDonald Plain Bob Triples Frederick, MD, USA
78 02-May Barbara Grofic Plain Bob Triples Frederick, MD, USA
77 02-May Thomas Monks Minor (2m) Flitton
76 02-May Ruth Monks Minor (2m) Flitton
75 02-May Ashley R Gray Plain Bob Triples Englefield
74 02-May Dean De-Matteis (2) Cambridge Surprise Major Clifton, Bedfordshire
73 02-May James P Allen Yorkshire Surprise Major Broadclyst
72 29-Apr A Neil Ramsey Plain Bob Doubles Ovingham
71 29-Apr Simon R Harper (2) Plain Bob Doubles Ovingham
70 29-Apr Victoria L Halford (2) Plain Bob Doubles Ovingham
69 25-Apr Daniel J Morgan Doubles (4m/3v) Brede
68 25-Apr Stephen J Harvey Doubles (4m/3v) Brede
67 25-Apr Julie D Harrison Doubles (4m/3v) Brede
66 25-Apr Suzanne Hunt Plain Minor (2m) Alton, Hants, All Saints
65 18-Apr Omer Angel Bristol Surprise Major London, St James Garlickhythe
64 12-Apr Lizzie A Pawley Grandsire Caters Bedford, St Paul
63 11-Apr Roy [Houston] Smith Plain Bob Minor Houston, TX, USA, St Thomas
62 11-Apr Audrey Ester Plain Bob Minor Houston, TX, USA, St Thomas
61 06-Apr Phillip E Turpin Plain Bob Doubles Hampsthwaite
60 29-Mar Harriet A Payne Grandsire Triples Haddington
59 29-Mar Hans Rashbrook (2) Plain Bob Minor Edgware
58 29-Mar Matt Peperell Plain Bob Minor Edgware
57 29-Mar Anthony C Davey Plain Bob Minor Edgware
56 29-Mar Jane Chapman Plain Bob Minor Cookley
55 28-Mar Graham R Munday Stedman Caters Abergavenny
54 23-Mar Laura Amor Plain Bob Minor Westwood
53 22-Mar Stephanie Adcock Minor (4m) Desford
52 21-Mar William J Lloyd Minor (3m) Pettistree
51 08-Mar Jonathan D Wright Plain Bob Doubles Coleshill, Oxon
50 08-Mar Andrew Prince Plain Bob Doubles Coleshill, Oxon
49 07-Mar Rosanna M Wareham Grandsire Caters Swindon, Christ Church
48 07-Mar George E Wrycroft Minor (4m) Lighthorne
47 06-Mar Lucy B J Williamson Plain Bob Major York, St Lawrence
46 06-Mar Claire E Reading Plain Bob Major York, St Lawrence
45 06-Mar Claire L Pearson Plain Bob Major York, St Lawrence
44 06-Mar Roger C King Grandsire Triples Fordingbridge
43 28-Feb Andrew F Hoddinott Stedman Caters Truro, Cathedral
42 28-Feb Gemma L Wormleighton Yorkshire Surprise Major Countesthorpe
41 28-Feb Daniel R C Scott Minor (3m) Christchurch
40 28-Feb Rosalind A Martin (2) Minor (3m) Christchurch
39 28-Feb Caroline Simmonds Doubles (3m/28v) Burstwick
38 28-Feb Megan A Corless Megan Delight Major Brancepeth
37 27-Feb Chris Hartley Plain Bob Triples Woodchurch, Mers
36 27-Feb Jonathan J Tarry Plain Bob Minor Leeds, Chapel Allerton
35 22-Feb Mark Willetts Plain Bob Minor Gressenhall
34 22-Feb Jordan Lawley (3) Cambridge Surprise Minor Armitage
33 21-Feb Clyde R Whittaker Plain Bob Major Monken Hadley
32 20-Feb Paul Hext (2) Stedman Triples Highweek
31 17-Feb Rebecca J Harrison (2) Yorkshire Surprise Major Okehampton
30 14-Feb Lorna P Neal Doubles (2m) Southampton, Bitterne Park
29 14-Feb Max J P Hammick Doubles (2m) Southampton, Bitterne Park
28 14-Feb Alice J S Gibbin Doubles (2m) Southampton, Bitterne Park
27 14-Feb Elizabeth F Coates Doubles (2m) Southampton, Bitterne Park
26 14-Feb Katherine V Brookes Doubles (2m) Southampton, Bitterne Park
25 14-Feb Helen C Cupertino Plain Bob Major Neston
24 14-Feb Harry M Baulcombe Plain Bob Triples London, St James Garlickhythe
23 11-Feb Sarah G McTiernan Cambridge Surprise Royal Lundy Island
22 08-Feb Matthew J Lavington Doubles Skibbereen
21 07-Feb Isobel L Fray Surprise Minor (6m) Oxford, St Thomas
20 07-Feb Susan E Shadrick Grandsire Doubles Launcells
19 31-Jan Victoria L Kempton (2) Minor (4m) Kenilworth
18 31-Jan G Vaughan Roberts Plain Bob Minor Gresford (6)
17 31-Jan Paul Chadwick Plain Bob Minor Gresford (6)
16 31-Jan Jenny J Lewis Doubles (7m) Fulbrook
15 31-Jan Daniel W Glyde Doubles (7m) Fulbrook
14 31-Jan Evie Newton (2) Minor (7m) Duffield
13 31-Jan Lucy A Warren (25) Yorkshire Surprise Major Barrow Gurney
12 24-Jan John A C Richards (2) Minor (4m) Escrick
11 24-Jan Lorraine Fishwick Minor (4m) Escrick
10 24-Jan Clarrie Scott Plain Bob Major Clifton, Bedfordshire
9 20-Jan Andrew L Haynes Minor (2m) St Andrews, Fife
8 20-Jan Laurence P J Bourton (4) Minor (2m) St Andrews, Fife
7 17-Jan Karen L Sluter Grandsire Triples Hamilton
6 17-Jan David J Sluter Grandsire Triples Hamilton
5 17-Jan Richard Layton Grandsire Triples Hamilton
4 17-Jan Ellen M Barnard Grandsire Triples Hamilton
3 10-Jan Sally A Collop Doubles (16m/v) Peterborough, St Mary (New Church)
2 10-Jan Caroline A Prescott Spliced Surprise Maximus (3m) Guildford, Cathedral
1 01-Jan Jonathan Colborne Minor (2m) Horbling